Friday, August 27, 2010

communication via a call

It's so sweet to hear and discover that her "Daddy" has been calling her. He has contacted her more than I realized. :-) Yes He also misses his little girl. When we left last week before he joined us on the weekend he had called her each day. He also called her the morning he was going to "see her." Since our return home he has called her quite a bit. ;-) The conversations, sweet (and will be left private) and catching up.Me? I've desired to call her yet give her some room to just get acclimated to the environment and the studies and the social life, which I know is NOT hard for her whatsoever. Now maybe it's time for me to call her and not just "write" her via technology. Here is to a phone call and communicating. Not texting. ;-)

Daddy's little girl is getting to hear his voice and I believe it warms them both!

When we think of someone; we need to pick up the phone and call them.
It is good for both.

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