Friday, September 17, 2010

can you hear a beat?

My Spaniard ways are so embedded with the love for music. The music in my soul lately makes me enjoy the moment(s) captured in the Here and Now. My soul yearns to cry out to the wonderful Creator of ALL beings and things! He spoke it, I am in AWE of it, my head swims in wonder, my soul yearns for Him.

To sing, to hum, to laugh, to cry, to dance, to sway, to saunter, to be still, to listen, to remember, to DREAM my soul sings ALWAYS! Whether in celebration or in sorrow, whether in the quiet moment of a breath or the crazy fun ornery me that makes me, my soul sings. The rhythm of life creates a wonder of PRAISE. Planting my everything with each little echos called my life. While I pray I hear music. While reading I hear the music. While typing I hear the music. While visiting with those so dear to me in one beautiful way or another I hear music. Why? Simply because it makes me sit in His presence EACH moment KNOWING that he hears my music. He has my name engraved in the palm of his hand and He KNOWS my songs playing in my heart. Songs quiet, songs soft, songs loud he hears my tempo, my beat, my signature in every measure. He accepts each note and makes my life the masterpiece for His GLORY. It is like two of my favorite movies - The Mission with Robert D. and August Rush the music is all around.

My precious Lover, Thank you for the music. Girls, our little women, Thank you for the music. My Marmie and Daddy Thank you for the music. Dad and Mom K Thank You for the music. To all my siblings, bloodlines and Christ lines, Thank You for the music. My family in Christ, Thank You for the music. Those I have yet to meet, Thank you for the music yet to be played for I am already humming to the tune anticipated. And to the Alpha and Omega, My Abba Father God Thank YOU for being the creator and Conductor of the ORCHESTRA~ I swell with LOVE when I hear you play the masterpiece of a SYMPHONY.

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