Sunday, September 12, 2010

Commitment isn't a bad word

Commitment. What happens when one truly commits to anything? I would like to think that the old adage, "My word is my bond" still exists. However, it isn't exemplified in many ways as clearly as it used to be. From politicians to wee precious children not as common "today" as it used to be. Commitment? What are we, You, myself committed to and why?

I know it sounds bleak, however I know that there is a remnant out there of individuals who are seriously committed to hard tasks that are right, true and lasting. Why? Because I work with a few people who are "committed" to EXCELLENCE. Kent and I have tried our dandiest to raise all four and now beginning our five blessings to think and act this way. Work hard, stay committed no matter what is going on around you. Even when it is looking like you are the only one who is committed to a task, remain faithful. Walk with the Lord in everything, for great is your reward for the Kingdom. When my daddy taught me to be committed to a task because it is the right thing to do, I learned a great lesson. Whether you "like it" or don't from the first day until the last day, stay reliable because you and I are one who made a commitment. It has given me a different mindset, and a work ethic that is steadfast.

Ministry. Hard work it is true! Rewarding? Yes. Why? Because when one individual is committed to the task of ministry and helping others to discover the greatest gift EVER, the outcome outlays the shortfall! See the only true example is a redeemer who came to this earth over two thousand years ago. Why? Commitment, Love, Eternal rewards that out weigh all temporary "things," that of things of this life. He was committed before time began. Committed to the point of death, that really brings life to everyone who desires it. Commitment because of LIFE given for many with his life. Commitment of the hard task of being rejected, beaten, and left for dead. Commitment to FORGIVE. Commitment out of LOVE. Commitment for all to find the greatest of Gifts - Salvation. Who is this person? Jesus Christ. He lives and he LOVES everyone desiring that none (did you get that? NONE) should perish because he is committed in giving LIFE~! YES! My redeemer is full of commitment and I love it; knowing that he gave me an opportunity to be focused, one who is willing to be committed to outreach with every breath that is taken, with every step that leads to true life abundant and free, every thought captive ~ I am committed no matter what unto my last heartbeat on this side of heaven.

What is your heart, and lifestyle committed to? Temporary or eternal dividends? Hum. "Where your treasure is there your heart will be also." Be committed to that which leads others to Him, for it is the ONLY WAY.

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