Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here we go.

Okay, Okay breathe - MIT started today! I LOVE the evidences of answered prayers. Always have and always will! Four + Four + Fourteen = unending dividends with eternal ramifications that will be evidenced in the everlasting glory of the KING! Praise and Glory SHOUT OUT!

Bended hearts, knees, folding of the hands all to beseech the thrown to go where no man can go. To see only the out cry of the soul is speechless. A rendered Hallelujah, a plea, a pause, a tear, a smile, a silence, a confession, JOY planted deep with in that allows the everlasting PEACE from above. Unattainable, answers that are "out of the Box" and unexplainable.

MIT - One year later new things await. One year later, answers fulfilled. One year later new "stretch marks" of the soul. One year later trust in the ALMIGHTY!

Bring on the Joe, bring on the seasons Ephesians 3:20 ~ here we go, no road blocks here just an open narrow gate of the unexpected with answers through His Grace and Mercy!

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