Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ramblings of a tear

The moisture slowly leaves and gently cascades its' way down the weather worn face like a slow motion picture capturing the deep brownish embers that gaze in reflection of the wonder years. The wells from those warm almond eyes known as her windows to the soul, her very being; contemplate an outcome. "All for your glory" echoes the voice deep with in, yet the heart still aches. Aches to say, "come to my hearts home; just say the word and your healing will be thy will". Truth, Belief in the perfection of the answer, acknowledging it is okay to let it fall on the behalf of those whom are LOVED.

A salty stain leaves its evidence like a dried river carved in a muddy ravine after it has dried, evidenced by its path. The sun kissed cheek, the prominent Spanish cheekbones like a soft cliff tell of the thought behind each salty white path. It is laden with emotion, embedded with memories, showing a trail on an others' behalf. Quandaries ebb and flow freely at will.
rapidly and then
at a snails pace another soft tear finds its escape route. Peace enters the scene filled with child like questions. "Can I take away their hurt?" "Why do people in their fast paced life, not just treat others the way they would like to be treated?" The old adage of the "golden rule" is somewhat not practiced as frequently as it used to be. From those in the medical profession to those incredible individuals with extraordinary I.Q.s then to the common lay person; if we could be a servant wouldn't we all like to know of what true LOVE is?

My soul yearns for mankind to come to know the greatest gift to ever be had. Life eternal with the King of kings and the Lord of lords. "We live, we Love . . ." or at least we should in a way that reflects HIM~ Yahweh, the I AM. I now realize each tear, each heart beat, each thought, each prayer, each action is a reflection of the one who is and should be living with in me no matter what ~ with true integrity. I have the desire for others to not perish. I so want people to KNOW the way to Joy. And it has all taken place due to two recent situations with loved ones that I realize no matter the cost, the reality of the world and it's cruelty, we all need to fully depend on The Savior.

To extend hope to the hopeless. Love to everyone and the ability to keep loving even when it is hard and undeserved. Perseverance when others quit, and a tenacious focus to reach as many as possible with THE absolute truth shared in love; to reach out to a world that needs it and may turn away, to the very end.

To all my loved ones, "keep on keeping on! PRESS ON until the day of completion the Joy set before you striving for the goal which matters above all. Push through and share the gospel. For in HIS wonderful T - I - M - E all things will come to pass." We must enter through the narrow gate that leads to life, and be a trail blazer to show the truth, the way and the light to the one who gives LIFE and true freedom from bondage.

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