Friday, September 24, 2010

selfless love

Love is a wonderful heart issue. True Love is the BEST! True love doesn't politic for ones affections. It is patient! It is amazing how many times I see individuals who are so impatient with finding value by trying to make another think that they "love" them. It is rather sad really. Love is amazing~ that is action, not verbal ques to change or cloud ones thinking out of envy and jealousy. See I know many individuals who truly share LOVE correctly because it is a heart issue of sincere motives. Not presumptuous or flirtatious or wrong motive bearing or gossiping with evil intent. Let me illustrate it this way.

Fill in the Blanks with your personal name which is really where the word LOVE is exemplified.

____ is PATIENT,
____ is KIND,
____ does not envy,
____ does not boast,
____ is not proud.

____ is not rude,
____ it is not SELF-SEEKING,
____ is not easily angered,
____ keeps NO RECORD of wrongs,
LOVE, ____does not delight in evil but REJOICES with the TRUTH.

LOVE never fails! Did you get that? If someone vies for your affections or heaven forbid we ourselves vie for another' out of selfish ambition, is that not self seeking? Or when one of the opposite sex tries to influence another to look elsewhere - (like at themselves)? hum . . . why not lean FULLY on the LORD? Because he really is true LOVE and when we capture His fullness, LOVE overflows from the abundance of our own hearts because of him living in us!

My Marmie (Mommy) is a HUGE example of this amazing example of LOVE to everyone around her ~ and I mean EVERYONE! Emily Hope since very, very young exemplifies Christs' LOVE amazingly. Mom K, has been one who lives this kind of LOVE as one example. There are many, many others I can think of who are this same epitome of illustration of TRUE and REAL LOVE. Slow, patient, long suffering, giving knowing it may not be returned or it can not be repaid, but love matters regardless with no inward expectation of "what about my needs." YES, These three are those who come to mind right off the bat, because their lavishing ways of compassionate selfless LOVE is sweet and they Love without reciprocal ambitions.

So if there is an individual who gives with expectation to receive immediate attention, don't bleed to death but . . . maybe, just maybe, it is time to evaluate TRUE LOVE through the eyes of CHRIST and LOVE as HE LOVES and live by EXAMPLE and bleed for LIFE!

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