Friday, September 24, 2010

oh my heart

My mind is racing, My heart is pounding, My dreams are returning. My visions are becoming less hazy and more driven all with the reflection of a special life.

Reflection through time has come knocking on my hearts door because of Mom K's life. I have had only a short twenty five years. Why didn't I take more opportunity to _____ fill in the blank?

Why? I remember my first encounter with her and her entire family showing up at an NCC Basketball game and taking my breath away because I cared for her son, her first born. My heart accelerated at a NASCAR neck breaking speed. My body went numb and clammy all at the same time. If my glands could have went berserk it was then. They came in through those east doors entering the gymnasium; Mr and Mrs. V. Klundt, Keith, John, Julie and Keith's then "girl friend" Tabitha, who resembled me in an odd kind of way, semi look alike. I didn't know them until she said they are from out of town to see their son play basketball. I proceeded to inquire who their son was. When they announced their name I couldn't think clear let a lone give them their correct change back. YIKES, this is "his" family. The rest is history. :-) She captivated my heart when I saw her wonderfully bright blue eyes. They were a handsome family, If I could have crawled under the smallest grain of sand I would have. Then came the moment she and I had a "talk" when we were going to become "family" to ask her if I may call her "Mom K" and letting her know that I desired to call her my "Mother in LOVE." not "in - law", because I desired to have a positive relationship with her. :-) Yes it has been almost twenty five sweet memory years I have had this family as part of my hearts strings while Dad K and she: they have had forty four years testimony to marriage. Four weddings, many anniversaries, graduations of many kinds, twelve grandchildren, two grand - weddings; our life has created an incredible tapestry in our family "quilt/blanket"! Created stitch by stitch, laughter, quiet, tears, silence, in depth conversation, many "moves", surgeries, you name it we have traveled it together.

Her children can call her blessed and Can say Thank You for our life as a family. Dad and Mom K we love you! We are praying like mad for His sustaining comfort and a time to come together to live another day as a FAMILY bonded by those gentle blue eyes, touched by those soft hands, and to be here for you!

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