Saturday, September 25, 2010

rain and a dream

It's raining. Fall is here. Ah, smell the fall. Pumpkins, autumn drinks, College football in the fall weather, It's raining.

The sweatshirt weather that warms the soul. A nice fleece jacket, wassail or hot cocoa, a wonderful hug from your Lover. um, Fall. It's raining today.

Dance in the rain, splash your bare feet, run to the indoors. It's Fall. Or as I used to say it Is Autumn and I enjoy this short season. It's still raining outside.

I would take tons of pictures, capture each moment to "remember" another Autumn day. It's still raining. I like rain, to dance, to run, to kiss and remember my first one with the only one I have ever kissed - all while in the rain, to hug, to remember the sweetness in the "rainy days" of my personal life. I remember a sweet rain in Wyoming with all that it brought at NebWyoDak sitting in the Rockies. Rain - is snuggle weather, a good book, a warm cup of a hot drink, sitting in your happy place. For some it is a time to take a rest and reflect. Burn a candle, light a fire pit, or ignite a chimney. It's still raining today.

Enjoy your Saturday today and if it is raining thank the good Lord of lords for giving a drink to the earth so you may enjoy His creation ~ then Dream!

Dream Big because it's raining today here my home town.

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Keely Brooke Keith said...

I agree completely! I love autumn sooooo much! It is my favorite season. Yesterday ended another heat wave for u, but today... here comes that lovely rain you speak of. Ah, autumn! Enjoy your cider, sweet Ana!