Monday, September 27, 2010

Fear and what it is not

Oh yesterday was a wake up call. The man of my earthly heart spoke from his to us all. We all have fears but we need to face them. There is only One Fear that is necessary in our life and that I will tell you about later.

Sadly before he walked out the door, her heart took a double beat, maybe skipped a beat than it may have been an irregular rhythm. What is going on? Why is it reacting like this? There is nothing to fear but we all carry them. She tried to fathom the depth of his statement. "I am coming home, then I am going to leave because I don't know how much longer I will have her." She knew how it must pain him. She grabbed him, tenderly kissed him and said a very quick prayer. Its' been three weeks in a row. Time is fleeting with the goodness still left to enjoy. A deep breath, a sigh then a small tender tear meanders once again down that Spanish cheek - there is still joy in the midst of pain, The hope for return to be sweet on both ends whom receive him. She needs them, all five of them her lover and children. Her strength for now is what is lived day by day. She is relaxing, resting her soul. He grabs his suitcase, his Taylor, and His man bag with all the reading literature along with his ultimate favorite book for strength.

He bends down, embrace her with emotion and warmth. His tender lips leave its imprint on more than her lips ~ her heart. He departs. He calls, "I need you to grab my extension for my cell." Her smile of his return and a chance to take a picture JUST BECAUSE. She feels his pain, but she is his help meet as his mate, his best Friend, his lover and remains strong. They pose for the picture but there is so much more for they are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, they are one and now the strength of three cords is not easily broken. Although they are apart they beat as one. She will pray continuously for his travel mercies. A smile captivates her as she knows He is being carried by the most tender of all hands. He will sustain his thoughts and his heart.

Lover, I LOVE YOU - make the most of your moments for we are with you!

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