Wednesday, September 29, 2010

to have forgiveness desiring reconciliation

My heart aches for two not just one. I have prayed, prayed and prayed beseeching the thrown to reconcile two who are very similar and truly need love lavished. It's been such a short time span. It is amazing how things have turned. Bloodlines keep most tied to one another and Christ lines should keep us even more. Sure there is hurt, but why? Differences? Similarities/Likenesses? How would Christ treat us? Are we responding the same. Both have such wonderful potential. Both are His grand design. Both have captivating personalities in their own right. So why? Life is really to short not to reconcile, truly forgiving.

Yes hurt people, hurt people but maybe the way we should look into one another's heart is by placing action to that forgiveness. Both need a new chance. Both need truth. Both need Faith. Both need compassion. Wonderful they both are. My heart hurts for them both because the Lord has brought my attention to the need to love them with all that I have because He loves me that way. One knows How much I Love the other I do not think it is clear. Therefore my knee will still bend, my petitions sincere and my Love remains, even if the other never understands that I do. He forgives abundantly and I pray for that reconciliation to be true and the healing begin. I do still love THEM BOTH, and I will continue to lift them both up for blessings and honor!

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