Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tune up or in tune?

The joy of a prayer, a visit and a farewell all that can free or paralyze the heart, soul and mind. All of them can take your breath away. I don't know quite how to convey the vernacular in correct tone, pitch, articulation. My "texting" is rather limited; a feeling interestingly enough to be prehistoric really. But that is where it began. Roughly a week ago :: texting until wee hours into dream land or what others may consider burning the midnight oil. Prayer vibes reverberated with a vengeance lately, a waking for roughly a week or so. When the texting began it all began to connect the spirits prodding from the week previously. Let me try and convey what goes on in my life (since a wee little girl with HUGE Dreams) frequently.

Some call it or think it may be the beginning of dé·jà vu, others view it as communion and listening to the Holy Spirit motivated to an action. All I know is that when my soul stirs with in me not to sleep, I awake and begin praying. IMMEDIATELY! Some moments are just that - MOMENTS. Other times it is HOURS. No joke! But I listen, I begin to pray and then when it is T - I - M - E to rest once again, that is where I return. Other moments when awake, it is continual arrows directed to Heaven and direct focus thrown to the Almighty until prompted other wise.

This was one of those weeks. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I am a little groggy and it is vague. But this was clear. "SOMEONE CLOSE" needed intersession. It opened many doors for clear communication later. A sweet visit. A warm talk on an outdoor weekend. Then an AWESOME experiential service project. I always need a tune up in my life so that the harvest is clearly becoming IN TUNE. The dreams are coming again. Vision that sometimes doesn't always make sense until later. This was one of those moments. It stirs still with in me. But in an odd and good way it makes me rejoice in the ability to participate. Participation is action with what comes with prayer with "feet" work, if you will allow me to say it that way that ends up with results.

Be Still and KNOW THAT HE IS GOD! It pays great rewards that are way beyond words covered on a blog page, a letter or even a text. Have a great tune up day and be in tune for the next moment/moments in our lives yet to be written on the pages we call LIFE. ;-)

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