Thursday, October 28, 2010


The cool morning comes so early, her sweet little voice sounds like a dream, "Mama, . . . mama, . . . MOMMY!" Her mother quickly throws off the warmth of the queen comforter and arouses abruptly desiring her to remain pleasant. Her head spins and causes a reaction of dizzy confusion trying to get everything situated about her feet and minds uncertainty.

It contains a brief disillusionment upon awakening the senses. The doorway, hallway and the opening of her room seems like the eye of a needle. Gosh is this like "vertigo" or what it is like before one passes out cold? Oh no, no it is just shooting out of bed way to rapidly and the spin of the mind catching up at a much slower pace as the limbs react sluggishly no where near being cognitive of the environment or the familiar surroundings. She tries eagerly to reassure the wee little princess, picks her up and caresses her with a warm hug. A hug that is easily returned but with her entire little body from the souls of her feet up to the tip top of her head, grasping with the intensity of a strong death grip of assurance knowing they possess a bond of LOVE that carries comfort for both.

Her body slowly rocks her while they return to bed and whisper sweet secrets of "I LOVE YOU," then the warmth of the bed embraces them both trying to soothe them to fall rapidly back to sleep in one an other's arms. May that sweet short moment forever be carried in that precious chubby cheeked cherubs heart and subconsciousness to know just how loved she truly is but even grander from the Lord of lords her creator. She snuggles close to her wee little princess and she melts in a soft pile with a gentle smile reaching for her parents to touch their skin.
Her smile comes to mind and her relaxed body shares her assurance in the dark of an all encompassing true love. Sweet little girl, her mama desires to whisper, "Rest in the embrace we call "LOVE" just like your sisters all did at this age also. Today was a total sweet embrace of joy." Leaving them both to dream once again.