Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HE LEADS ME - for Mom K

Today she is regal in her blue. She is crowned with His glory and we awaiting her arrival HOME. She will be missed greatly but will call her joyful! She is so precious! So much has taken place since we celebrated her October 10. We gathered and sang with her. Her Family of 25 call her Blessed! We Love Her! We released her! We WORSHIPPED one more time with her! It was a Beautiful WORSHIP and Birthday Celebration! Her Family gave all we had. John began with an opening prayer. Her Grandchildren going to college read scripture. The Guitar played and we gave our hearts as one Celebrating her life.

Tears flowed but we gave our all before the King, praising him for Her. Yes time is but a midst but her midst watered us with the fragrance to walk with Jesus. I wish you could see her Bible! Her shorthand notes through out the entire Scriptures.

As I write this the family talked of Lead Me by Sanctus Real. Yes he is leading her. Awaiting to extend his chalice to her one more time on this side of heaven and when she accepts it she will drink it with Him in Heaven when we are all united. He is calling his bride and she will walk with Him in His Glory fully healed and a Heavenly survivor of that awful disease cancer! May His Glory be revealed as she sees him and says with Him, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty! It is so glorious to be here with YOU!"

Lead Me by strong Hands . . . show me . . . . Mom K He is extending his hands to you and you are not alone! We are going to be okay. We WILL SEE YOU again soon! And when we see you again it will seem like YESTERDAY! Let him grab your hand. It is okay, it really is we are ready. Love You MOM K

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