Monday, November 15, 2010

I remember when . . .

I remember when the tress bristled, the rain fell, the birds chirped, the creek filled, we threw the baseball playing pickle, we were riding our favorite family pet; a saint Bernard, like a horse, playing with the furnace, stuffing carrots in holes in the basement. It was amazing how things changed so but really not so long ago.

Oh what tail spin lately. So my head is twisting and turning with the reality of life and how important it is to express our LOVE for one another yet again. Six weeks with my In-Loves was way too short! Have I grown to appreciate and express my true heart? Why of coarse! One group of very special sisters were once again there shortly after I received the shocking news about Marmy. Not the twentieth but the fifteenth. "What did you say?" my mind raced. "What does this entail? How long? What are the procedures? Precautions? Is this really what I heard?" Okay so it is and wow it is crazy to be here now! Now I am actual here in the ICU waiting you/ "Family Lounge" . . . calling individuals and letting them know she made it successfully in surgery. Waiting to get to go see her. Waiting . . . KNOWING THE LORD IS AWESOME and full of anticipated provisions!

Yes her at the PC of the hospital, among family knowing my marmy will be GREAT because she is in the hands of Jesus!

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