Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 20 Why I love Christmas

Once upon a day there was this wavy whisper chestnut brunette little girl who relied in the truth of character. True that there was opportunity of dreams at every corner. She grew up, trusting, laughing giggling and her large almost almond brown eyes grew in wonder. She giggled, loved being creative and realizing that someday some one special is to come to LOVE her deeply.

She awaited that moment. She trusted her instincts that her mama knew had a gift that was interestingly unique. She knew characters of others very well but couldn't explain it really. She grew and smiled with each new acquaintance but oddly she still could read hearts of men differently. She always loved the season of perpetual joy and of life that came to others during Christmas. Her home simple, her family had joy and they even made little Christmas musicals growing up. She still oddly could read and unspeakably see the character and many times the motives of others. Never really questioning it, only thinking that everyone could do that. She grew to realize that in every heart there is the desire to be loved, special. However, some had impure hearts, thoughts, motives. It puzzled her. Made her wonder why? She began a search after something, was it an odd encounter at the young age of five, yes the memory burned bright in that moment. That search to find others with pure hearts that wouldn't hurt others. That wouldn't cause sorrow and mistrust. Her little hands would reach to touch thru a hug, then she would search deep in the eyes of others. She knew then that she was given a gift, a gift to see the heart through the eyes of others. Oh others have instincts but some, a rare ability to see deep into the wells of humanity, the truth in others. Their characters. The pureness in reality and it became even more evident around Christmas time. This time became her ever growing favorite time of the year; years past, and years present and a question of years future.

Every one has a "first impression" and some are right on and others not so honest; yet she can see through them in a different but real way. Her wee hands, her heart, her eyes connected to other human beings in a way that is rare. His gift. His . . . ability to acknowledge the potential and for some the caution. She prays, she leans, she trusts only HIM. The only being who gave her the ability to see. She leans strongly upon Him in every way. She still LOVES Christmas. She still searches the souls she encounters, and upon his wisdom she still looks deep into the eyes and PRAYS for the narrow path chosen and those whom find it, especially at Christmas.

Her almost dark golden odd brown eyes, her olive pigmentation and her deep brunette locks surround her gaze frequently. As she looks in to the window of each soul then toward the face of one she sees clearly from deep with in and prays for those whom are around her and their protection of Truth shared in the Name of one man Named - Jesus Christ - Emmanuel, the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Over twenty years she has LOVED the joy found in the TRUTH of what Christmas is Really. Even with her very unique gift. She turns each encounter over to Him. Even when her gift shares beware. Christmas is upon us and time is short so turn your ear and your heart to the TRUTH of whom this wee little girl discovered and still guides her steps. As she bids all a very Merry Christmas for all whom find the truth of the baby who came so long ago to free all who chose to follow fully ONLY HIM.

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