Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Dyslexia song turned to HUMOROUS

dyslexia funny; She sang about my age, then my sister in love made me laugh so hard when she forgot her own age (and she is YOUNGER then me) therefore realized that my age is the same age regardless of how you "flip" the numbers around.

Yes her Happy Birthday was so fun and quick to allow me to smile about a song sang from her heart! She then created an atmosphere to fondly be thankful for the other songs and verbal well wishers from: my marmie in CO, My Primerica Family here and in Wisconsin singers "Giddy UP" , On the phone by a few like Dustin A., and By Kyle B. while sitting at His kitchen table with my RVP, and the many many wishes via techno land through out the day. So my Sister in Love in the Quads. . . . And my wonderful beautiful family around the table this morning and everyone that was part of the - (dash) I LOVE YOU & THEM WISHES . . . . . . ALL from the BOTTOM OF MY LIVER (All day)!!!


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