Friday, December 17, 2010

where does it turn and why?

Why is it when two individuals really care, really love one another
tend to run away from another?


To know each other, to deeply care
yet drift, finally reconcile
only to run to other arms

How can that be?

It just blows my mind when both families know they
were (really ARE) meant to be . . . .


True love is true love no matter how far one of them or both of them runs away
from each other and no matter what . . . . because true love is more than superficial feelings that give
one those goose bump feelings. It is sharing T I M E over a course of years
getting to know each other. It is knowing that there is trust even after being hurt deeply
and working around others trying to get the memory to forget their past. It is talking and communicating
honestly even when it is hard. It is forgiveness. It is true Love, even when they both
know how each other honestly feels.

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