Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13 of Why I love Christmas

The Joy of Life comes with LOVE in the MAGNANIMOUS MARVEL who left PERFECTION because of AGAPE!!!!

I have been so grateful for the LOVE I have for the full quiver BLESSED from Heaven and for the Men who will come into our family! I believe I have MET TWO of them already and I keep praying for the rest of them, their parents, the grandparents as I have since day ONE of each of our wombs' acknowledged arrival. Since conception with anticipation knowing HE KNOWS and KNEW who they were from the beginning of TIME! One I have known for a bit, I believe . . . . it is just time. The others I will know when it is revealed to me also.

Sincerely and deeply I LOVE the message of the Christ Child's birth and The beginning of redemption being made available in his Grace and Mercy.

YES I LOVE CHRIST mas and May you be BLESSED.

Tonight I will pen my heart to reveal other why I LOVE CHRIST mas.

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