Monday, January 17, 2011

The ache of a mothers heart

One of the hardest things to experience is one of your children become ill and need you to help them being sick. No details we all know what I am referring to. It is awful to be sick and when it happens "away from home" makes it even that much more difficult.
She texts: "Mommy, I just got sick. Will u come and pick me up." then a quick phone call shortly after. My little family couldn't move quick enough when it is cold out. The Coats on, mittens, socks and shoes appropriately placed in order to get the van warmed in time to make sure the dear daughter' our princess knows we are there to get her. It seemed like an eternity to this mommy.

I just wanted to cradle her, wash her face and to get lunch, something gentle into her weak system. Oh then to find that our baby would do the same thing upon awakening from a very late evening nap.

I wish I could just touch them and take it all away. The feeling, the pressure, the slight fever with one. To calm them, wipe their face, hold them and rub their back. To ease them into a calming rest. Sometimes it comes with a very calming bath and soothing music to calm the mind, the nerves and aching muscles screaming for relief.

Yes it is an ache of a mothers heart to help her child who is temporarily ill. An ache to relieve everything and make everything as it were before. Oh in less than one month there has been six moments of aching for a loved one who has been feeling like this. Thank the good Lord for his compassion's that far out weigh all of my short comings. For his example to Love with the desire to make everything better and take it all away. Yes our sin is that sickness. He is there for us and desires to calm us, take away the pain, to make everything right. He has literally touched us and stretched out his arms in a way that says I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH! Then he died on the cross fully healing me, you and all of man kind. He desires freedom from our sickness, called our sin because he to has the ache of a mothers heart.

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