Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now the bitter cold

Faith is ecstatic because they have NO SCHOOL for the third day in a row! AMAZING!!!!!

She was told very very early from a reliable source and then I passed it on to others also. Well . . . now the bitter cold was the reason for us not having school for the third day (at least two of us were thrilled with that possibility) but we all ate some humble pie, so we thought, when one said, "That's not correct, because I know we were told that we do have school." We were excited for Faith and her thrill for the opportunity to make some fun memories baking. Well you know . . . It is always good to keep in mind that we are all learners at all stages of this life we live! Faith had accurate information. Faith shared that information of the bitter cold "snow day". ;-) Faith handled it correctly by smiling and remaining excited regardless what others said. We excited to share you snow day/bitter cold day Faith!

So here is the deal. Some days when we have all the facts set straight, share those facts there will be some who feel the need to tell us we are incorrect, because of not wanting to believe what we say.

I can hardly wait to see what will come of the Day tomorrow!

Love Mom!

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