Sunday, February 27, 2011

A step back in time

The simple things that bring a smile.

Matt shared that his daughters' finance has been a true gentlemen from the beginning. This young man sought permission from Matt and his wife to court her, their daughter. He also sought permission to ask her hand in marriage with out her knowing either request.

As he was sharing about this, my mind drifted to the past of one of the most special memories of my own life: Joe and Angie
True to chivalry, he was a gentlemen through and through
May I . . . .
Allow me . . . .
wait a moment . . . .
After you . . . .
never eager to take what was not his to take.
Always a prince.
Dedicated to commitment.

He opened her door ALWAYS.
He took care of her
He treated her as a fragile porcelain doll or the most pristine bone thin china tea set, that was crafted with beauty and intent. A beauty never to be broken, chipped or shattered but gently handled and protected.

Devoted for over fifty five years.
Yes mama . . . .
I love you mama . . . .
I love you Joe-di . . . .

My Pompi; Joe, was the epitome's example of respect and shivery.
I loved what he showed and always led by example. He respected her. He protected her. He waited for her. He cherished her. Eventually he even treated me, his grand daughter the same way. He talked to me a few times about boys. He told me what to look for and beware of. He treated me exactly like he treated Lil' gram'ma. One of our last meals together, he took me out for breakfast, opened the car door and escorted me by hand both times to the car and from the car, then into the restruant. He sat me at our table and he carried on our conversation. He reassured me that a gentlemen is always a gentlemen, even until the day he leaves this earth to be with "The good Lord."

Thank You Matt for sharing your daughter's story that took me back to a very special man who was a gentlemen all his life, and the sweet memories I have of him from the time I can remember. A real and true gentlemen of character, moral, and ethics until the day the good Lord took him home. Why? Because your soon to be son in law shows that they ARE still out there. Not eager to take what is not theirs. I've met a few like him and knew the one who was a great example; Joe, my sweet Pompi!

I have prayed all of time for those kind of young men to be brought to our girls lives.
Few and far in between but they are there.
Those who establish a proper respect, not eager to move fast.
Those who care enough to wait long and hard for a gift that is only for marriage.

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