Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet is the price of Prayer

So many times I have grown to love the power of Prayer. To wonder why the good Lord allows us to have a picture window view of His Majesty. As I was working just the other night, an appointment fell through but it allowed me an opportunity to surprise visit and stop by to visit with a dear family! So precious are they that it brought joy to be greeted with a hug.

The sweet family I visited . . . Laurel Davidson and her precious family. Special because they were there when we brought our first born home. Laurel was adorned with the presence of Christ and the power of prayer that surrounded their home from cards, pictures, quilts made by very special people whom you know their hands were praying through each stitch, etc. When the door was opened the Labradors' greeted me warmly. The visit with Gordie and Sue warmed my heart. To fellowship personally with Laurel gave me a smile. The visit was intended to pray with her, listen to her and yet while her body is fighting this awful disease - CANCER her spirits were high, and questions of my family made me humble. Her nails painted so pristine, her smile warm. Her conversation imprinted on my heart forever. Praise the Lord, Laurel has accepted the Lord as her Savior. Thank You Laurel for how precious the visit was. Thank You Gordie, Sue, Amy (her sister), Christian (her son) and Sues' sister for how peaceful your hearts are by allowing me to stop in and smell the sweetness of aroma in Christs presence. May the Lord allow these few days left on this side of heaven to be Joyous.

My prayers still remain, God is GOOD ALL the Time, even when it doesn't make sense on this side of Heaven. The joy, through this fight is that Laurel accepted the Savior as hers personally; in this fight and time is fleeting but is special. The time here will be untied with Laurel's healing perfectly when we all return "home".

I LOVE YOU Davidson's' and will continue to pray for comfort and peace for everyone, especially for Laurel's comfort. For sweet is the price of prayer and Better IS ONE DAY in His courts than a thousand elsewhere.

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