Thursday, March 10, 2011

A failure?

So many times people think so many obscure ideas when they "hear" the word "FAILURE" and it made me ponder, contemplate, meditate and evaluate. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
Good Golly Miss Molly. Move!

Okay so we all have a fear of some type. That is reality. However, what we do and how we handle that failure is thought provoking. So much so that it makes fighters out of some. I have been so entrenched with my thoughts to the point of looking deep with in. To places that only the Lord is present. Praise Him for that one.

When we are babies, quite frankly with no remembrances vivid to our conscience, we seem to have "NO FEAR" and maybe just maybe that is where extreme sports selected their motto (or whom ever copy wrote the term).


Who? Maybe all of us really. We all deal with some type of a fear. Some very real yet for others it "feels" very real. The mind is a very powerful part of us.

What? Goodness me, there are phobias that would probably rock our boats in very tumultuous currents. Some that are so concentrated on that it enables us to the point of mere paralysis. YIKES.

Where? Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. With in us.

When? Maybe a location, a thing, a person (sounds like a noun). For many it is an action (verb) in the time continuum. Our past, present and anxiously in some of our futures.

Why? Experiential relations, emotion ties, spiritual battles.

How? Lies. Realities. To much credence to something not yet occurred.

Okay so why do I bring this up? FEARS can paralyse us, however, they don't have to. Face them. Pray through them. Dream your dreams. The majority of our fears NEVER even take place. Some are pasts clung to that inhabit us from achieving what God intended us to be. Fears however propel others to reach out and be stretched for rewards that far out weigh anything else. See God is so Amazing! I desire to work through some fears and see the rewards that the Lord has intended for me but I seemed to have "gotten in the way" because I was . . . "afraid" of _______ (fill in the blank). But Why? Maybe because we think too much.

Many of us don't want to be "a failure". So we don't take risks. Make decisions that push us through a situation. Some of us ask, "But Lord . . . . . . . . What IF I fail?" Well What if YOU/ I DON'T? Who cares what other "Unca Bubbas" tell us along our Journey, when they never even "tried". I am hear to tell you Dream your Dreams! Reach out and Achieve your childhood aspirations. TRY IT - (as long as they are moral, ethical and of integrity)!

Humanity since the beginning of time can be afraid of just about any and everything. However, individuals pressed forward and gave a way to exemplify perseverance: Thomas Edison never stopped. The Wright brothers never quit. Abraham Lincoln pressed forward. Mother Theresa gave with convictions. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak dreamed dreams and pressed on. Goodness The Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ gave unto his death, to give eternal life! What are we, am I afraid of? What? To care too much about what others might say? To fall down? To succeed? hummmmm. Dream. Reach. Stretch. Persevere. Strive forward is a key and look at your fears and FACE them head on. YOU are not a failure.

A Failure? I think not! Individuals who pushed through what others would be afraid to because they face - their FEARS! You and I are a MASTER PIECE with purpose. So go out there and BE everything the Good and Wonderful Lord intended for you to be ~ because YOU are NOT a failure! You are given life with a PURPOSE!

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