Monday, March 7, 2011


I can not rest
my soul is uneasy
quite contrary to disbelief

I can not rest
my soul is uneasy
The ache of a heart beat for those
yet left to reach

I can not rest
my soul is uneasy
desiring to reach the masses
is some way or form

I can not rest
mu soul is uneasy
for those who allow the
cares of this world to saturate
and lead them astray

I can not rest
my soul is uneasy
desire to return to the call
most will run from

I can not rest
for the master is calling
my head is heavy and so be my lids
yet my spirit is calming
and very alert

I can not rest
for it's time to pray
T - I - M - E is of the Essenes
to give Him my attention
and yielded to Thee

I can not rest
for He calls unto me
I enjoy our moments to sit and be
He & I sit alone
with one another
commune so tenderly

Some are leaving temporarily soon
but with great Joy for He gathers them all
those who yield full to His Call

I can fell time is soon calling to us
We are just passing to render His Love
One to another we shall and we must

Love is the key
His only request
Come unto me
I will give you the Best
Not easy but pleasing
Eternally true
Our hearts are created

Now I can rest
I know he that He Loves you and
died for us all
Won't we grab Him and
share him with others
and give them His all?

Now I can rest
I Love Him so much
Believe in Him daily
and trust with my might
There's nothing to fear
when we focus our sight
He calls you and Loves you
with Great Mercy and Grace
Repentance breaks strongholds
and Frees us to fly

Only the Master Understands
Truly Why

Won't you and I surrender and
stop making it hard
We all desire to
be Loved and feel Special
no doubt

He gave you and I life
So breathe with Him Now
Abba Father created you
with purpose and Joy
Please won't you respond
before it's to late
He's given you and I free will
the choice is in your hand
He'll never demand

Here on this earth
He gave with all that he Has
I Love You and I'll give you
this gift that is grand
Open it up
There's no trick or false measure
Honest and Truly
be humble and seek the real treasure
The cost is Priceless and given with Joy
That's why he stretched out his Arms
and he Cried IT IS FINISHED

Blessings to You
as Now I rest with a grin
and joy deep with in
Knowing someone is accepting the Savior
Following Him sincerely ~ NOW

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