Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can you say . . . . "memory lane?"

O what a wonderful evening!

Have I ever said how much I LOVE PEOPLE? Or catching up in other's lives? Goodness me it was one of those nights and I LOVED every moment of this day! I met with two different couples and both are very precious to me. ;-) Awhhhhhhh sweet.

One I cannot disclose for professional reasons but it was sweet all the same. The other couple I met with were so indescribable and lovely to walk down memory lane. One goes back over twenty years plus and the other back to a very beautiful wedding in JoMo!

A text turned phone call then a very special hour made my heart strings sing with joy. My eyes lit up with expectation. My life became a reel of rewind, flash backs and making another piece sewn into the tapestry called my life of the past called a present of the moment. The lights were on, the cell phone hung up and the door opened with a very warm greeting of welcome. Their home so inviting. New to the physical body but warm as if returning to where I had always been. Why? Because the husband grew like family into our family through the years. His bride so vibrant with sweet aroma of hospitality, a hug and quick conversation as if we were walking down the recesses of memories we experienced together since we discovered how many things or inhibitions we have in common. ;-) I quickly laughed with them, toured through "home" with them and paused through every room with a story of the past, the now and the future of their lives. The common denominator: The man of their home.

Brent; who will always be "Brenters" to me, was so welcoming. Kelsey's' smile and hug brought the gift of relaxation and rest as they walked me through each room and our conversation led to events of awe & wonder as their home was toured. We talked about the wonderful ways of how the Lord's provisions has blessed in abundance through the love of others hands to make the house they reside in their "home." Kelsey's sweetly laced laughter from room to room made us feel like kindred spirits. Their pictures; delightful as their story filled with Love like the smell of a home made apple pie that comes out of the oven, wafting and filling every area with thick scents of refreshing causing the mouth watering anticipation to take the first bite, close ones eyes and slip back in time. That is what tonight was like. If we lived nearer it could have led to a game filled night of laughter, a good cup of Joe and maybe some cards.

Time slipped by so quickly like the sand that falls through the hour glass. Story after story, giggling, descriptions so clear it could actually be felt. "Lions and Tigers and Bears - OH MY!" really should be "doggies, tornado's and what not . . .oh dear!" :-) We have more in common than understood. ;-P Hahahahaha

Thank you for leaving the light on and then allow us to pray together IN YOUR HOME. I LOVED every moment of walking down memory lane with both of you and leaving it with a Blessing.

Until we meet again, can you say . . . "memory lane?"

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