Sunday, April 24, 2011

There's a Mouse A Nibbling

Once upon a time there was the family who owned a series of silver vehicles and amazing enough there were five princesses who rode their silver chariot. It has had it's days. There have been many adventures to what seemed like the "Land of Far, Far Away" with Fiona, Shriek and Donkey from Dream Works Productions. Or maybe it could be a "spin off" from Dr. Seuss' "There's a Mouse in the House" book. How about a tale of turn like "Finding Waldo" by ??? Anyhow, let's proceed.

Which ever it may be NOW; There is a need to publish something like: "There is a Mouse a Nibbling" by ARKlundt.
It would go something like this.

Mama went to clean up and tidy one drizzly morn. Only to realize something was a brewing within the silver bullet. When the sippy was picked up and rapidly tucked under her arm, weighted down by the other abandoned relics that somehow turn into piles of lost and forgotten items. She wonders, "why is this drink opening chewed up like this?" It looked to her like Her curly soft brown haired princess had a hankering to "Nibble, nibble, gnaw, gnaw" as if to be deep in thought before falling into dream land. However these bite marks resembled: No that couldn't be! What? How could that be possible? If that were so, the drink would come like a damn broken and a Tsunami rushing and much to rapidly & quickly for it to handle. That spilt moment of inquisition of thought; that really felt like a lapse of frozen time, was rather hastily thrown into "never mind" mode as the "Clean Up Brigade" mindset returned.

Then two days turned into four days later it returned: the oddness of a discovery. "What is this?" Mama thought once again. Why is the Pink Hearted Printed bag laying like that? And why are the treasures (treats) for that princess laying kind of in a mayhem on the floor mats? Maybe just maybe they were hastily discarded after the "accident" (which will be written about later) was needing full attention. But she day dreamed aimlessly, she didn't remember the scene looking quite that way. Oh well. She quietly thought "I'll just through the few strewn items back in the bag and clean it up and restock it for later" once inside the palace called "home."

In the castle the discovery connected the dots. What was the discovery? A hole in the banana. Yes a HOLE!!! It was "nibbled on" in the very similar manor. The difference? The sweet youngest princess never snacked on the succulent favorite fruit of the week. NEVER. It was rather odd. That is when the clues all came together one AHA after another, for sure. The bag was emptied on the counter only to find . . . the hole was big and it had a black "spot" IN it. Upon inspection of the bag there were other "spots" ON other items. "EWWWWWWWwwww" screeched Mama. It was evidence of a mouse nibbling and then "droppings" YUCK!!!! That is it. She quickly ran out to the chariot, their silver bullet, and flung open the door on the passenger side and investigated the location of the area where the sippy was laying just two days prior to the accident. Yes, yes there it is, just under the front passenger seat. Green matching shredded cup remains. She scooped them up into her palm and almost as quickly dropped them when it matched the area missing on the cup spout. "A MOUSE IN . . . MY VAN!" she screamed while she stood there in horror of the realization. She once again gathered the remains of the green evidence and ran back into the house hoping the princess didn't awake too soon from her mid afternoon slumber. She ran into the kitchen and placed the remains next to the banana and other evidence. Yep. DROPPINGS, the hole eaten away banana, and the odd shredded corner of the diaper revealed a shock of "how can that be? IN MY VAN, our family truckster, their carriage of transportation!

Now to tell the news to the Man of the Home. He was struck with a mischievious smile. "That just doesn't seem possible to be living IN THE VAN." However, Just this morning 8 days later in the wee morning hours, filled with a slight chill and thrill of the days' events; on the way to celebrate the Resurrection Truth - evidence number three occurrence. The Kleenex box had a shredded corner lying all around the floor mats between the front driver seat & the passenger seat netting and the second row. "There has been a mouse a nibbling ~ AGAIN!" and they had a guest witness this time. They all laughed and teased one another. Who has ever had a MOUSE in their chariot? EVER?!

Well go a head laugh. This is not a fable or even a fictitious story. It is the truth. Really?! YES! It is our family story of the week. Humor in the midst of "the accident". Shock and Awe horror at the "What IF's . . .?" So now you know, "There's a Mouse A Nibbling" in our Van and it grosses this mama out, and then makes me laugh at the thought of it all and the memories made with the ENTIRE FAMILY to be concluded on the glorious day of passage:


pst. . . . what would you DO if it were YOU?

This Mama says, "We are setting a trap in the morning." YIKES. Maybe a picture will follow for the mere evidence. Who knows? Only time will tell.

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