Friday, June 10, 2011

everything grows

Things lately that I've begun to appreciate in a shortened week has produced some deep growing pains; ones of the heart, ones that produce a different bloom. A blooming to desire or to develop fruit in and after the ache of those growing pains is finally going to be over soon.

You know, like the pains that hit a human being; the body has hurts from the ache deep in the joints. Aches that make one almost double over at the drop of a hat. I remember watching many athletes writhe in agony from the pains of muscles locking up from cramps so severe it brought their breath to almost stop. The mere thought of walking temporarily seemed impossible with those cramps. Or the joints hurting so much that in the midst of a deep sleep the only remedy was rubbing so hard in any particular area it makes one think that they might rub all their skin right off to the very bone attempting vigorously at getting relief from the hurt. That is what has been taking place here. Easy? - no way. Stretching? Incredibly so.

Much has taken place but this past week has been an Engettie for the soul. Time to reflect and to be "inked" with indelible lessons. A voice from the Congo. Let them come - a laughter that rumbles from children laughing. Unity in purpose - give and share the gospel. Testimonies amongst the flames. Voices revealing a hunger. Sorrow from the loss of a life for couple of friends and then shock of memories on a card gone. Practicality utilized unbenouced in through experiences in reality. Old relationships - unity. Others awed. Creativity. All of it = PRICELESS!

MLCC was a time to release bottled up things. A time to be quiet, a time to speak. A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to admit with confession and a moment of truth. A moment to persevere and then to serve. WOW!

I loved the lessons that were brought on from Treysor (Congolese) Missionary/ Worship speaker. Leading by Kyle and Andrew. Worship from Tennessee with the Keith's. Late night reflections from and with brothers and sisters. But my ultimate time . . . to enjoy the moment of what is my present through the moment to serve the King of Kings - I AM!

My forever etched memory came when we left an evening early; The sweet child hugged profusely her new found friend in Jesus Christ. "I'll miss YOU! When can we meet up again?!!!" or "When can we get together at your home or ours?" or " Pleeeeeeeease . . . " However, the one that really caught my deepest attentions was after the multiple hugs good-bye, Cora replied, "Hey just watch Emily and Mrs. Klundt, I want to be with you when you leave. Please drive slow and WATCH." We proceeded to drive slow along the rock paved road to wonder what she was about to do. Then just before the gravel road began to curve towards the east; it dawned on me, she was sprinting at an incredible run ahead of us. It was like when a dog chases down a vehicle out in the country roads. Cora has sprinted to the end of the property line, just before the road becomes rather slim before turning into a one way land to MLCC. She began to wave. Emily began waving to. Then as we passed her, her radiant smile took control. She stood at the one lane area and then Alanna probably wondered what we were doing. As we slowly passed her (to delay the dust from blowing into her face, in their hair.) It was upon her. as we looked back, myself looking into the rear view mirror she stood in the middle of the road waving good-bye. I began to weep because she did her best to give the best when sending us safely on to travel home.

May the lord Bless YOU! Be forever "INKED" upon your heart that will never diminish, from harder lessons that are permanently etched with the Lord. So blessings to you until we meet again with a Whoop and a holler.
Good night.

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