Friday, June 24, 2011

making a smile

The girls are growing so fast. They continue to make me smile during their walk. I miss the one's who are away at camp and the time with the talks, laughs and being quiet with home is so out of the ordinary.

Ten sweet hands and feet. Pitter patter quickly on. It is with joy that we are blessed beyond Measure. All to keep teaching me through the wonderful personalities of how awesome our God is to be so intentional with his design of creating us in His image yet the way we are unique created individually like no other individual. Their mannerisms and other DNA show amazing similarities to the connection of family. It brings a smile to my face. The other parts of them to be their own which makes them them: PRESH!!!

I miss the laughter lately but it will soon be here with tight and warm hugs! I love them so very much awaiting a sweet, sweet reunion.

Love - ya princesses!

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