Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great quote of thought

I am sitting her editing a piece for someone PRESH and in his piece: has brought some great thought to meditate one.

"I'm not sure what mistakes you have made. I don't know what sinful memories are etched in your cerebral cortex. And I have no idea what failures form guilt around your life. But I don know this: God has not given up on you. He can't It's not in His nature. There are moments in our lives wen we fail so badly that we feel absolutely unworthy to receive the grace of God. And it is those moments of vulnerability that make us or break us spiritually. Either we lock ourselves in a cage of guilt and never come out, or we discover new dimensions of Gods grace that enable us to become a kingdom worker with big ideas.

"Post denial Peter had a been living in his guilt for several weeks when he was recommissioned by post-Resurrection Jesus. And the way it happened was no coincidence. John 1:15-17. . . . It was a reminder of his re-commissioning that produced feeling of gratitude. It gives a heart to seek after Him and become a kingdom worker. Think of it this way:

"Sin - Grace = Guilt

"Sine + Grace = Gratitude" by (to be revealed Mid July)

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