Monday, July 11, 2011

A place of Rest

A place of Rest.

What permeates your mind and thought when someone inquires; What do you call a place of Rest?
A location?
A state of being?
Happy place?
Quiet? Solitude?
Noise filled area?
Many People?


For me it is deep with in my soul! Only HE can grant me a fulfilled place of rest. Fully one hundred fold percent of the time! There is no where other. No way other. No human being can fill that place - Only the Creator Himself in the rest of salvation through Jesus Christ. Everything else - useless. Jesus Christ and true salvation = PRICELESS!

He is everything that truly encompasses a "Place of Rest!"

It can be in all avenues that we may stretch our proverbial hands out to reach but only in HIM is there rest. Oh there are moments. Yeah. However, only fully filled in the arms of Jesus Christ. Why? Because we are created for a purpose. We ARE SOMEBODY! We are worthy of His Glory through our lives.

I know I have been on a kick lately of "life being but a flicker" and it is so true. We all wanna be LOVED and not alone. We are have with in us the desire to "BE SOMEBODY" and when we are willing to work through the obstacles of life it can be possible to reach it. But are we truly willing to give it all it takes? ARE WE?

We may want to quit at times. Keep striving forward. Lies from the evil one will permeate our thinking. Keep pressing on. We may get scrapped up, cut up or become weary, press on!
Even on the HIGHEST of HIGH and the LOWEST OF LOWS only a place of true rest comes by grabbing the hands of Jesus Christ and fully surrendering our hearts and lives to Him! THE I AM! That grants you the "You are my MASTERPIECE." With Excellence in MIND.

YOU MY FRIEND ARE NO MISTAKE! Pick up today and know there is a place of REST waiting for YOU! Go Forward and walk the incredible journey to live out your LIFE in the FULL to BE ALL YOU CAN BE for HIS GLORY and EDIFICATION!

Enjoy your place of rest.

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