Monday, August 29, 2011


Matthew 13:24

So much has weaved its way into the tapestry of my life! I cling to the cross, read, read, and reread a wonderful series of written print in book form along with the greatest book EVER and count it all good. Especially since today's stretching lessons in two separate hours and a youth overview.

Life is truly amazing - TRULY and for that I AM THANKFUL! Why because the truth of His word is full of moments of incredible growing pains. Ones that are so eagerly awaited with the utmost respect of the Creator of ALL THINGS! In all things the Lord has granted greatness in all circumstances. FAMILIA, Te AMO!!!! With all that I possess this is truth from the deep inner most parts of my being.

In all things I count it pure joy my brothers, IN ALL THINGS. What a week. I discovered the joy of talking with Jen O. that it is confirmed after three years. The date is set and eagerly awaited to accomplish. Timing. Awaiting. Love. Sorrow. Wait. Pray. Struggle. Stretch. Wait. Strength. Wait. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Proposal. Wait. Preparations. Acceptance. Relationships. Confirmation. God Is Good ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME God Is Good. (Right Susie and many others; like we used to say at WCC back in the day?)
Bought. Baht. now it is reality of opportunity. New unexpected anticipation. Joy. The seed is growing. The fertilization and watering accepted. The breaking of new ground and soil. Now for the growth above soil. IN ALL THINGS God IS HERE!

Boy has He ever been stretching me. It's TRUE.

After a drive to meditate
say Hello to daddy
leave a message for LT
a sweet text from my LOVER
a quick conversation with all of my daughters
a drive by an "Oh Parents . . . . ;-) " insider picture.

The windows rolled down and the soothing sweet smell of dew and an odd over cast drive that came to an ending at one of my new favorite spots.
Step out in soft drops of rain
walk in and order
pick a table by the window to feel the presence of someone very special.
The sound of the broom sweeping short brisk swaths
Then to read two books.
His presence is real
washed all over and through me.
We met He and I,
It took place Over a sweet tea with Lemon
an overcast day that had the ray of sun to warm while shining upon my face
reading two wonderful printed books
one which he personally wrote and the other well guided.
They both stimulated the thoughts and amazingly they both peeked my interests.
It awakened my soul and simultaneously brought realization
even more Ana - LOVE at all costs.

Thank You so much for allowing me to sit with You today ABBA!
Thank You for sitting with then speaking to me.
Thank You for holding my hand, my heart, my every portion - THANK YOU.
Thank You for the time to converse with YOU openly and sharing yourself freely with me.
Thank You for allowing me this week.
Thank You for the very breath you've granted.
Thank You for the many individuals who are in my life and those I will yet meet.

Laughter. Smiles. Music. Silence. Wind. Rain. Sun. Clouds. Human beings. Day. Night. Single. Married.


Because YOU FIRST LOVED in the most catalyst way, for that I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. Jeremiah 33:3 is still showing me to keep learning and growing

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