Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seeker, who is it really?

I love how many scriptures there are on him seeking, and then allowing us the choice to select to seek him back out of FREEWILL! Jeremiah 33:3 has been one verse that has been carrying me for some time now and I am so glad that it has brought me the joy of HIM! I know that everything else is futile really.

All I have desired after discovering that I was going to be in ministry answering his call on my life was to share Jesus with those He would bring into my life. I hungered to know him since I was almost finished with my teens. When I met a youth group on an outing I knew, "I WANT WHAT THEY HAVE - because they ARE DIFFERENT." Where there obstacles? Yes. However, the rewards of eternal ramifications far out weigh the "feelings" of trying to discover "something" that is fleeting and dead.

My desire than became to pray for loved ones to come to know him. To see him. To far surpass my desires for him. I just desired for them all to choose him like he has chosen us to answer. My heart bleeds for my children to always follow HIM! Always put HIM FIRST! To die for HIM! I LOVE THEM SO and those he keeps bringing into my path. I at times have held back and for that I am learning to not with hold his gift from anyone. I am realizing how much He has given me and there is much to share. To pray for and through. I LOVE JESUS CHRIST so much that after placing my feet on foreign soil in October, my life is so different. My heart more tender than it has ever been. As I have recently learned in the past few weeks, If you'll forgive my very loose translation point - "You in America believe in God, but we in ??? (sorry I forgot where I heard this, so I don't want to misquote the location) DEPEND on GOD!" -UNKNOWN

So I inquire of you, Who is it that really depends on Jesus Christ, God's son through the guiding of the Holy Spirit to follow and seek Him back with ALL their heart? Has he sought you out already? And the answer? Therefore - (may I share) However, When we seek HIM and HIM ALONE we receive FULL SATISFACTION! I know with out a doubt he has called me since i was very very young. As I look back I have been searching him out. NOW I DESIRE HIM to be my ALL! He is coming and I am running to find him and bring as many with me as possible. I only pray that they choose him and chase him with out stopping and hold on tight to bring them to LOVE him out of serving with true passion to give love in a way that can never be reciprocated - other than to serve others!
The questions that some ask is who is the Seeker? I believe that we are all people who seek for something or maybe even someone but the one who matters above all else is. DRUM ROLL . . . .. . . . . . God- Jehovah, I AM! He has had you and me on his mind since before time! That is right. And soon, very, very soon He is coming! Coming to gather those who have listened and responded to his seeking.

"Yet a time IS COMING and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks." John 4:23

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