Thursday, November 3, 2011

The wonder of it all

"Whether you eat or drink or WHATEVER you do, do it ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!"
Cor. 10:

I am amazed at so many things. Last night I had a wonderful guest stop by our home. One that wanted to share, ask questions about Cambodia, the "whys?" and watch Baht.

It still chokes me up with everything. I think about how each time one of our Princesses were born it made me think of all the things layed before them in their future. How the moment we found out that LIFE existed from conception the wonder and the desire to pray for their purity and for the men that would come into their lives to be pure as well. The years, and years of endless prayer.

As their mommy my desires were for them to Love God, Follow Jesus Christ and accept the invitation for eternal life through Salvation with Yahweh. To listen to the calling of the Holy Spirit and to follow His counsel all their days designed here on earth. For them to Love like he lived out love. To be protected from all evil and harm. It was the burden of my soul, my heart, my desire for the girls to live with a peace knowing that they are covered with the Blood of Jesus because they choose to follow. As their mommy my heart ache was for them to be holy as he is holy! That men would not harm them.

Little did I know that what took three years and four months to have an answer would change me for the rest of my life. I remember sitting and crying with one very special lady long ago over a life lost. A life that from that point I knew would be with Jesus but it still hurt because I would never see that precious face. That is how it is once again, the ache but now there are faces and names connected to the faces. Ones that mean a lot. Princesses as precious as our five Princesses that when I look into their face I also see them.

Someone needs to pray for them. Someone needs to be their voice. Someone = my heart felt prayer to be their intercessor along with interceding for M, T, F, E, HR with Passionate Agape Love and stand in the gap.

The wonder of it all for me is to know that the Holy Spirit knows my pleas. My desires. My dreams. And I believe with all my heart he hears and is answering these prayers for these precious gems called his children!

I thank You Lord Jesus for the chance that all the girls have to hear about Jesus Christ and His LOVE and they now have a treasure to accept your gift. The wonder? Not at all a question but now I know you are true and faithful and are healing. Thank You for the joy of life and allowing me to Love our girls. To be able to pray on their behalf and now there are those that are connect to their lives through the same spirit because now they are loved with deep compassion.

In Jesus Name - be with them who are yet to come. Be with them that are healing right now. Be with them who are with them. Just continue to BE! Amen and Amen!

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