Thursday, December 29, 2011

Please make yourself comfortable

The Valet very Pretty and a Lady, Opened the door and ushered the unassuming couple in. Then It all began with the friendly greeting,"Welcome to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Bistro! The wait is going to be just a little while, Please make yourself comfortable, have a seat and enjoy a short film for your entertainment." The ambiance of the atmosphere absolutely soothing and breath taking, they smiled, wondered and gentle sat down.

Their seating very calming and comfortable beyond compare. The Christmas decor, gentle to the eyes and the music soft, a "KENNY G. - White Christmas, in the background" sang out to them while the twinkle in his eyes as they gazed at one another spoke "surprise" because neither of them knew exactly "who" was surprising who. (sigh) Both of them taken off guard, but drifted into a dream.
The aroma's tantalizing and teasing them of what lay ahead. The Christmas lights on the tree glimmered, sparkled and almost whispered - began singing. The viewing entertainment a Christmas classic, from their past.

The Hostess Very striking to the eye, very pleasant and warm to the couple. Very professional yet welcoming. Her voice soft. The second, a beautiful server, asked if the couple would like anything while they waited. The film drew them away. They held hands gently, their eyes caught one another, and they smiled. The savory seasons wafted about the Bistro. The comfy seating relaxed their tense muscles and the staff eased their minds. The Hostess took them back to their elegant fine table laced in Red and Cream and an appeasing candle flame drew them in to a subdued warmth. As they were seated off to the tranquilized romantic corner, they both melted in one an others gaze. The couples smiles teased one another as they both grinned and locked their eyes on one another passing through the years of time spent together. As they both gazed through the menu a gentle tear escaped her eye, then every so slowly rolled trying to hide quickly from the staff.

His eyes gave her chills of joy knowing they were together as he walked her to her seat and gently guided her to the table. His saunter still taking her breath away as he took his chair. The moment to dulcify the evening and their souls reached a moment of speechless wonder - joined through True Love, they know commitment to one another is real. So real they almost forgot those about them. The first waitresses came, took the drink orders and floated away with a very inviting grin. The curly amber haired server smiled as the soft banged brunette server worked as one with her almost as if they were one. Quickly they brought the chilled Caesar dinner salad and steamy cheesy garlic bread.

They couple of twenty four years union in marriage became one mind, one heart, one Love. The entire staff at "The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Bistro" mitigated the worries of the world. Much like one slipping into a Calgon Bath. He looked up, caught her gaze and they both cried. The Steamy Homemade House Lasagna served with care; Complements to the Chef, as his appearance to offer his Finest Red and White "Wine" (Sparkling ;-) Grape style). Permissimo!!! Their mouths watered with every bite as they reminisced every memory past and now the one lived as a wonderful "Present"!

The last lovely server brought A Vanilla dessert speckled with Chocolate treats and the Chef put a finalizing touch with a "Chocolate Ritz" covered treat! Perfect! The evening absolutely PERFECT.

Then it happened. The cutest wee little server presented him with a grin, walked over to her and gave her a gift. "Fank You for coming! This is for YOU!" . .. "CAN I HEP YOU?!!" We all smiled and then we opened the gifts after our dessert.

Happy Twenty fourth Anniversary!!!

Valet/Dessert Server ~Mya
Hostess/ ~Tia
Server/order ~ Emily
Server/ ~ Hot meal Faith
Chef/ ~ Jordan (Son -In - Love)
Server/ Gift bearer ~ Hadassah

"Wine" ~ Sparkling Grape Juice ;-)

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Keely Brooke Keith said...

Happy Anniversary, Ana & Kent! We love you and your beautiful family! You're such a sweet inspiration in our lives!