Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wow can you believe it?

There is so much to complete
Yet there really is plenty of time!

There are greater things at stake than "things"
A walk that is eternal with the ONE and ONLY SAVIOR
Are you WILLING?

I know that life is really short
so today I hand over every breath in PRAISE
of the one who continues to allow me to take another one.

Three days into the new year and praising him that
he allowed me to come into HIS PRESENCE as his PRESENT to all who
will follow. Do you want that same gift?

Here I am on the precept of knowing that we are getting ready to experience
our first wedding and our first Son and our first family dynamics changing.
For that I will sing Praise
knowing that he KNEW it would take place.

I believe Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to get to heaven.
I believe that Jesus Christ came so that we may live.
I believe that He is the Savior of the World.
I BELIEVE in Abba, Father, God created the world in SEVEN days.
I Believe in the Holy WORD of God, THE BIBLE to be absolute TRUTH.
I Believe He came and is coming again.
I Believe He is the I AM.
I Believe that because of his GRACE and MERCY we have the most wonderful gift right at our disposal, if we choose to FOLLOW HIM!
I Believe there is Heaven and Hell.
I Believe that scripture is God Breathed. It is inherent. IT IS available to EVERYONE though not everyone will choose to follow him.

Won't you come with me to church? Won't you accept the gift of eternal life? I so desperately want to know that you will be in Heaven with me.
Love the Lord your God with ALL YOUR HEART, ALL YOUR SOUL, ALL YOUR MIND and ALL YOUR STRENGTH. And LOVE your neighbor as yourself!

Well . . . what do you believe? A lie or the ABSOLUTE TRUTH?

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