Saturday, May 12, 2012


The shoes of my mama, which I call "Marmie"; named after one of my favorite Jane Austin books/movies, are big shoes to try and wear!  Although literally are rather tiny.  Hahaha.

My sweet marmie, has been through a lot growing up, married, single, a grand mother and great grandmother at her very young age presently.   My Emily our youngest of the older princesses, has a heart much like hers.  Sacrificially bent. 

A heart rare but so amazing.  My mother knows no stranger,  opens her arms wide for all.  She loves even those who hurt her immeasurably.  She FORGIVES unconditionally something i need continual work on, and she hold NO GRUDGES EVER!   My Marmie is an amazing woman of God.  For a moment she raised my brother and I as a single mother and gave everything she could to provide for our home.  She has a heart of gold and gives everyone she meets her heart's BEST.   Marmie is like Tabitha of the Bible in her caring, giving, and loving.  She is like Esther in that she lives in the now like it may be her last.  She is like Rehab in the fact that she chooses Jesus Christ even at the cost of laying down her life, yet is concerned enough for her families salvation.  She is like Aquila who takes in the pastor and nurtures him.  She is like Anna the prophetess who proclaims the gospel, prays and worships her Lord and Savior every morning from the bed to the sitting position.  She is like Ruth who followed and left her people to find the Lord.  She is like Mary who wept at Jesus' feet, dried them with her hair and poured perfume over his feet - giving her ALL!

So sweet, sweet Mama - My Marmie Happy Mother's Day!  If I ever can become half the woman of God you ARE right now I will praise the Lord with even more joy because of your legacy you left!

I LOVE YOU MARMIE, my sweet sweet Mama!

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