Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pressing forward and submitting

The joy of pressing forward can only be possible with the drive to succumb & submit to authority. This is the sixth season to be a supporting cast to encourage XC runners to meet their personal best. It is . . . a sport like no other! And we love sports!!!
Invigorating, breath taking (as a runner and a supporter as a parent), the most exhilarating and rewarding sport I have EVER been a part of in any way. Why? One might ask that question and think it is crazy to run XC. But it is the closet thing to really apply the values of scripture in every way.

Every year, every season . . . every grueling mile . . . what an unstoppable motivation to peruse through the windows of our eyes and reflect deeper than the soul. These individuals train for weeks, months, years, seasons. With every conditioning is the ability to prepare the physical body to be in tuned, conditioning and building the stamina to press on when the body aches, & tells the mind to just give in -maybe even quit. STOP.

It thrills me to see the athletes all anticipating to get to the finish line and complete the course. 3.5 mile runs, on paths that are continually changing - flat, rolling hills, inclines, rocks, mud, grass, the pressure to take one more step . . . the desire to submit to the training and keep the focus to reach the finish line. This an event that EVERYONE is encouraged by other teammates, relatives and yes even those from other teams and their supporters. You'll never see fans only rooting for only "their team or runner" but everyone that is on the course! It is AMAZING!!!!

Not everybody chooses to be a team runner for XC because it is a "distance running sport". Therefore why choose that sport and just RUN?
That's CRAZY! ;-/

Out of all the sports our family has participated in and be a part of this sport is so different. I've never seen anything like it. Fall . . . is amazing in our home town area. Because we see runners from all over who have be conditioning and pressing forward for the reward of finishing, possibly even PRing (personal recording-doing their best TIME in a run). It is a Team sport that includes self dedication and perseverance when everything in your body is telling you to stop. Your muscles ache, your lungs feel like they may not get enough oxygen, your saliva gets thick and you need to PUSH through yourself to take one more step. There are teammates, coaches & fans all encouraging you to KEEP GOING. And when the finish line is in sight . . . the runner pushes with every last ounce to FINISH another run!!! AMAZING!!!!

There are many colors worn with pride but when it comes to the finish line . . . . every one is shouting "Your almost there - PUSH - you CAN DO It!!!!" And they DO!!!!!!!!

Almost there . . . Almost there . . .
we're proud of you!!! Keep it up!!!


"The Truth is you can always run faster, but sometimes the Truth HURTS!!!" CHS track team 2007 (year of accident).

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