Friday, September 11, 2009

The sweetness of the day

Our home has been spinning at a very quick pace. I almost feel like our front door has become a revolving door. Tryouts, interviews, talks, nominations, ballets, driving, talking, researching, engagement phone call (from my nephew), medals, laughter, devotions, singing with acoustic . . . etc., etc., etc.

The girls have been in school already for three weeks and it is WHOOSH fast!
Almost like a WHOOSH of the swish from a B-Ball shot all net no rim!!!
To enjoy the girls for who the ARE and not what they do. Character.
Integrity. Real. Be. No superficiality-truth. Forgive/forgiven.

All the girls have been going, going, going.
Friends, application processes, notes, phone calls, discontinued phone line,
"Haddy" first fever ;-( and new teeth OUCH!

Can you just imagine it all? I am so very glad that there is sweetness in
all of it. Yes all of it. I don't have much more T - I - M - E with the seven of us
under our ruff and my hearts dream is for it to be remembered with the sweetness of each day. You know ENJOY the PRESENT that is a gift for my heart to store away for the joy
in my heart!

Yep . . the sweetness in today! I LOVE it.

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