Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stepping out on FAITH once again

Have you ever done something by stepping out on Faith
and began the RIDE of who knows what?

That is what Kent & I have been going through with many things.

Vision for our home, and our body.
In the next few weeks, months, year, years a thought process.
How to lead with the God given abilities, and grow others
whether our girls, or the body we've been blessed with; to
depend ON GOD and not themselves.

Because when we as humans depend on ourselves
we become bankrupt, figuratively speaking.
It really is ALL about the Lord and fully stepping
out in FAITH to follow HIS leading.
Stepping out like that requires . . . risks.

The things of God rarely make sense.
He prompts us, tugs at our heart strings, and then WAITS.

Stepping out like a rock climber gripping each step with
the unknown of what will come next, but very sure in the one
whom your secured to. Knowing that you are protected yet
you need to pull on the rope to go on. There come moments
when we want to rely only on our self, getting stuck.
What will we do next? How? When? What if?
And when you are asked to trust it becomes sometimes a
war of thought & action.

Well . . . one of those moments came up in our lives again.
Let go of OUR SELF - trust and LET GO of what we think
we are in total control of. We wrestled, we contemplate,
we prayed, we then submitted - two days later after that
"STEPPING OUT IN FAITH" we were blessed once again
with an unexplainable, uncomprehending blessing.

Stepping out in FAITH is definitely much more precious and
unexplainable. The dividends are very rewarding. Why?
Only He can answer but there is peace knowing He is in control.

I've seen it over and over again and it continually takes my breathe
away - The AWE of AWESOME, The realization that Nothing else can
take the place of YOU (Lord) NOTHING!

Let's continue to go Walking together! Our steps together . . . I
Love it now and just like it all began in Colorado when we walked together
so many years ago. I love smelling you, feeling you and being
very real and transparent with you - Nothing surpasses that time.
Thank - YOU . . . Again. Just grab my hand when I do ask,
"Where are we walking TODAY?" :-)

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