Friday, September 18, 2009


Yes . . . why?

This is Shawn & Susan Inchaustigui. Susan was in our first ministry as a youth and her life led her to a bible college where she met her husband. Through their training God has called them to go to Mexico near Mexico City to serve as missionaries.
Susan is another dear saint that is special to the "Klundt" family.
God is so good ALL the TIME. So good that we were able to see her grow in Jesus Christ, marry a very godly young man, and grow their family for the field to work with the Mexican people.
Shawn, her husband, grew up in Mexico City where his parents are currently missionaries for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Until, I believe, he went to the United States of America to be educated and prepare to minister the gospel as a missionary. They have three special children; a daughter and two sons. They have been preparing to work a life along with the indigenous people of Mexico for years. As of September 18 they are now on the soil that they have been preparing their family for.
Will you please keep them in your prayers? For language school and transition in a new culture for all of them, especially for Susan and their babies who are experiencing this for the first time.
Why ask Why when the Lord has called you and prepared you for the KINGDOM?

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