Sunday, September 20, 2009


Again another good day to RUN! We awake and leave by 6:30 to get onto the journey and be there in plenty of time to stretch, set up the TEAM TENT, and get ready for the event at hand.

Great running weather, fans, family, photos! Runners, walking, jogging, breaking at the Johnny's, testing the course. Cleats on the tarmac like nails clicking in a low rhythmic chant. Laughter, whispers, chanting teams in the distance.

To see an athlete is like watching an animal anticipating a good run to find their pray. In the coolness of the morning when the fog is hoovering over the Jacomo Lake like wisps of breath blown from a living create waiting for the sun to warm the air. Fishermen standing and casting their reels awaiting the catch of the day. The silhouette is very picturesque. Why didn't the camera sit close to my side? XC runners anticipating the drive to do their best, possibly even PRing. Third meet of the year. How will the team do?

This course has always been one of my favorites. The terrain is full of adventure. Hadassah, Kent and I are eager to cheer her on once again. How will she do?

Oh my she is doing great! Relaxed . . . maybe even rejuvenated. Her eyes show something different . . . She is pushing herself particularly different then the other two meets this year. She was in the top twenty!

Great Job sweetheart YOU DID IT!!! Will you PR? Will You medal?

Keep it Up - We do believe in YOU!!!

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