Friday, October 30, 2009


Wow how time does speed along so quickly. It is much like traveling on I-70 just a week ago along the rolling hills of Kentucky. Kent & I were able to just "BE"; read scripture out loud (since Kent would read it while driving otherwise) talk, evaluate, rest, entertain our youngest princess and wonder about the other four back in MO TOWN.

Already some many things. So many perplexing and rewarding "daily" days. "Inch by inch it's a cinch." ??? unknown.

Yes it is true. As I get older I try to take each day to remember how truly blessed I am. Inch by inch it really is a cinch. Like Kentucky now twice in my past but fulfilling while it was a present to live in the PRESENT and no hurry to rush into the future. For it will soon enough be upon me to live and pass through it. Life. ;-) many twists, turns, straight a ways and full of new horizons; it is all to cherish, joys & even when it is a bit rough - LIFE.

When much younger all my thoughts kept craving the days to go SO much quicker, faster, to the point that I could hardly contain myself. Now, oh my only desire is to just enjoy the ride. Oh don't get me wrong, i truly enjoy the thrill of an adrenaline rush of the heart pounding events and those favorite things that make you say, "Let's do it AGAIN!" Yes sir reeee. I don't know that that will ever diminish! Like the time of Bungee jumping BEFORE GOING TO A CIY event as a sponsor ;-D to only tell Kent about it after the fact (that was the day BEFORE EVERYONE had a cell phone, also since he doesn't like heights). Or the days of my youth doing other events of fond memories. You get the picture, we all have them. Some things don't drive me to re-live but others, well - you might say I'd do them all over again. LIFE.

Life, Live it with no regrets to honor the Lord as well as serve him. Be REAL. Be GENUINE. Be HONEST. Admit when "I am wrong". Ask FORGIVENESS (and mean it). Be COMMITTED. Be TRUSTWORTHY. Have CHARACTER of HUMILITY and SERVITUDE. LIFE. We only have one to GIVE HIM ALL the GLORY!

Thanks for Your LIFE! Because the good Lord allowed it to come into contact with mine and he Knows I needed your color weaved upon my LIFE to develop in me a piece of HIM!