Saturday, October 31, 2009

"This is a Sick World"

"This is a SICK world we live in, Sick, sick world" Jingle all the way; the postman - Sinbad. Okay so I had to do something crazy on this 31st day October. This is a Christmas movie but this is funny. Lately Tia has been making us laugh with her carefree one liners and lately this one has been hers!!!

Yep . . . that's right TIA JOY!!! Quiet little Tia breaking the moments in one liners and cracking us ALL up. She has done this one liner so often lately that she came home Thursday letting us know that her and her friends were laughing about something (I think at lunch) and she just blurted out this one liner and started giggling only to have them look at her rather strangely, smile, mock laugh and she was able to LAUGH at herself. It broke the weird and "AWKWARD" nano second silence. When she told us about it . . . we all giggled and then broke out in round table family laughs at dinner! Tia, our cute turned beautiful young lady has definitely come OUT OF HER SHELL. It is SO fun to see her Joyful once again - her namesake.
So when your out tonight, or any other day or night and you need a one liner that makes you giggle . . . rent the movie and see the movies' one liner that made us laugh with Tia!

"Sick, sick world we live in" . . . not really when there is still Salt and Light to hand out freely to bring smiles to others or to allow a good belly laugh. Go out and see this potential to live For HIM today - Like Tia Joy, won't you?

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