Tuesday, November 3, 2009

30 Days

"Thirty days has September, April, June and November . . . ." ???

Whisking by "30 Days or less". As the deep morning hours around 1:30 this morning anticipation aroused my senses as well as my sense of SMELL and a whimper, no a cry. I couldn't get the sent or sounds out of my head. It smelt as "fire or a smoldering smoke" out of place. "Am I dreaming? Wake up, wake up!" I was awake. What if there was only but a moment to take another step? Did I have everything in order? Are the Girls okay? Is it a fire? What's going on? Oh my . . . . what IS going on? I awoke because Hadassah was crying herself awake. I gingerly cradled her in my arms as I lifted her from her bed. She had tears that softly moistened her eyes, her cheeks and she clung tightly around my neck as if life depended upon it. That is when reality hit that it wasn't a dream. She was in my arms, melting into my neck while upon my chest. The smell . . . it didn't diminish. Quickly walking around the house trying to stay calm. I did smell smoke!!! But where was it coming from? The inside? And if so, where from; the basement, the chimney (but we haven't used it this year!), the landing or girls room, the attic, in the walls? WHERE!!! Kent noticed my absence asking what was wrong. We both began to smell the odor rafting around but from where? Girls all asleep - even Hadassah in my arms they are all secured in their slumber.

Kent . . . thinks it is from outside. It smells like leaves burning . . . but why at 1:30 in the early morning?! We reside and chide our self to go back to bed. Kent, Hadassah as well as all the girls are sound asleep. I can not. It was stronger! What if it was a neighbors home like four almost five years ago when I smelt it from the basement four doors down?! Pray . . . that always works. I went outside the front door to be greeted by a brilliant light from "The Man on the Moon" and the very deep permeated sky filled with the deep odor of burnt earth and leafs'. Assured now that it was not an emergency but an awareness of my surroundings.

Those very surroundings ~ The trees almost completely barren and looking cold. Fall getting ready to surrender to Old man Winter . . . as the brilliance of colors turned the leaves that painted the sky; now flayed on the ground in hues of brown like a heavy blanket trying to warm the creation that lie beneath it from the bitter bite of freeze coming around the bend.

I breathed deeply in the cool crisp air and began to walk around the house Thanking the wonderful creator for the sense of smell. For the foliage that always cycles here in the mid western state I preside in. Than I began to pray over the occupants that lie with in. Kent . . . Mya, Tia, Faith, Emily and Hadassah. ;-) Now for a brief moment it came to me . . . The daily parts of life make the new month of 30 days to be THANKFUL.

What if I only had 30 days left? Would be any different? I remembered the little poem I learned very very young in primary elementary school in Colorado: "Thirty days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 . . . . EXCEPT February which has 28 and on LEAP YEAR has 29." "So Mommy . . . This month." Faith reminded me "guess how many days are left for the birthdays just around the corner. Guess!!! 28, 30, 40 and well . . . Then Hadassah will be ONE!!!" It it me . . . again, there it is "30 days". There were 30 days again. What is IN the next 30 days? I want to LIVE, LOVE 'cuz the days we are given are from ABOVE! Yep like one of my favorite songs from Super Chick says in it's lyrics . . . May my next 30 days be Lived in LOVE from Above.

Live it with me. Won't You? Here's to the next 30 DAYS ~ LIVE as if it were your last! ;-)

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just the usual noises said...

you're a super mom...you have super senses! loved this blog...so good:)
i needed to read it...