Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Summer a good laugh

Leaves, leaves, leaves. It seems so funny to be "raining leaves" all around us. What is so ironic is the bustling of the wind blowing; the Indian Summer permeating in its' warm spell so late. This Indian Summer ~ Early in November, is making my once close to completely dead flower garden start to become rather confused and bloom one more time an aromatic set of rose clusters as if they were waking up early in Spring. But all the leaves of the neighbors trees are back & seem to be invading our porch, steps and street, and what seems to be just around our three vehicles! ;-) Hahahahah hahahaha

After a continuous sneezing spell that sent me reeling into the house "ahhhh cheeee, ahhhh cheee, AHHHH CHoooooo!" After five mountainous, monster sized bags later the yard looked very groomed before we left to Illinois :-) . All was in place. Ready to depart to family in the east. This Indian Summer ~ It gave Kent a time to just THINK while laboring to gather the leaves from the five neighbors trees, who seem to be VERY fond of OUR "greener grass, treeless, leafless front yard property while desiring to share the wealth of their fruit. ;-P Only to come home late Friday evening and discover and giggle to see . . . their sharing hadn't stopped. The Oaks, Maples and Cotton Woods all desiring to blanket the yard. Yes sireee, the trees seemed to act like a well planned quilters guild ready to lay their creation on the loom; tight and taught with the batting ready to receive every patch work and stitch, yielding mostly browns and a few golds. However, the breath of the air plays & desires to tease the yard and redesigning it's pattern continually before yielding to be a fixture of permanence or being combed with a raked or even gathered to be stuffed in a blue bag resembling a large body pillow (a trash bag really) to line the back yard/garage trash receptacles. The sneezing begins again! Yikes!

Yes it is time to start re stuffing the the bags . . . and enjoy the fact that God is perfect and we are thankful that our health is good enough to be able to even allow us to work in the last warm spell of 2009's Indian Summer in NOVEMBER.
With the whirling of the street cleaners coming by in a tyme of 4/4 slowly washing the streets of the leaves that surround our cars before long. Or maybe the forcasted "showers" will bath the newly sealed streets and the small little streams will wash them along to a different ending, with not a trace of evidence of a single tree bearing and sharing it's abundance with us this years not once, twice but thrice.
Here is to Fall ~

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