Friday, November 13, 2009

tick tick tick tock . . .

Time is oozing slowly. Out comes the warmth of the day with a grey overcast. The trees squeak with groans of agony like an elderly pair of hands aching from the spell of arthritis and twisting the joints beyond control.

Aging. TIME is but a midst. Our age process quickly here and quickly lived. Now age is a precious commodity. When a child we wish it away. When teens we can wait to "be adults". As young adults, ready to turn the world upside down with a feverish passion. In the thirties contemplating change. Forty and fifties appreciating what matters. Sixties and reflecting. Seventies and eighties where did the time go? Time. Enjoy the present because the Lord gave it as a PRESENT for you to enjoy for the moment because the present quickly changes to the past. T - I - M - E . . . . today was sweet to live it with Kent on his day off. Gaze deeply into the pools of wonder in the golden rod hues surround by a misty blue pair of eyes that knew she was loved. To make our favorite homemade chocolate chip pancakes, listening to Faith's Friday devotion, sing with the sweet harmony of our family as Haddy smiled, giggled and clapped on beat mouthing her praise. Eating together one more TIME before all departing out the front door. Standing out doors as the leaves were cleaned out of the gutters. Talk with a dear sister in Christ trying to re-assure her that the Lord IS in control of her business and set up a prayer vigil walk through her shop. Tick, tock, tick, tick, tick, tock - - - The clock of the Lord is worthy to be praised.

As the girls all came home then one by one left again with a friend -they each stepped into their time captured moments. Mya drives away, Emily packs an over night bag, Kent goes to the library to study, Faith grabs the phone and leaves to skate and Tia gets ready to Cosmic bowl the night away. Each of them added to their lives another set of memories in some way or another. Their TIME . . . is sweet and I cherish every moment to see the sparkle of what they received.

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