Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today another beautiful sun raise shinning through our windows while the chill is held at bay with a slight morning fog wafting its way around the earth like a thin batting layer awaiting a quilt pattern.

The bustling of girls giggling and the hums of whispers about the goodies that appeared after their eyes grew weary with Mr. Sand Mans' dust. They try to contain their over zealous excitement and pitter patter rapidly down the stairs.

The painted frosted east bedroom windows show a dusting of prisms upon two other precious loves of our home. It is time to rise. Three eager and creeping around trying to keep quiet and two others trying to keep under the covers just a bit longer before coming out a resembling bear in a deep hibernation lasting only 8-10 hours although it should have been like an entire winters slumber. Sleep for me . . . not easy this morning. Too excited to see what the new day holds for our family of seven. Last we were divided in the night; one, two, four all in different locations physically but tied in unity of bloodline.

Kent, and the three "babieeeessss" at home holding down the fort. Mya and Tia in Peoria Illinois on an adventure learning from THE NATIONAL MISSIONARY CONVENTION - seeds being sown deep in their spiritual soils waiting to germinate. My heart is pondering theses things while sitting at The XC (cross country) Banquet of Mya's Senior Year (with out her even present.) Eager to serve one last time at the close of a season with these families I've grown to appreciate and love over the past six years. I am THANKFUL!

Thankful to see three of the four faces that have grown up since fourth grade together and over the coarse of time remained in contact with one another. Now these XC (18) Seniors where 10 of them have run together ever since Jr high anticipate the evening to share what they are thankful for. As I listened to their (17) speeches and occasionally laughing my head off hysterically, or wondering deeply, and weeping only once (it is hard to believe - I KNOW- but true) when John Bauchman spoke. Thankful that John was very transparent and how deeply he appreciated his parents and his grandparents for their Legacy; tough but sincere - I wept only then.

Yes I am thankful! He taught me something last night. That being real with those you Love means the world. I watched each of his family members. His little sister crawling on the floor under the table to whisper to their mom after he was finished, "He appreciated and said he LOVED ME!" with a very large grin and nod of her head. His brothers and Mom laughing with all the rest of us because of some rough lessons learned through them this senior year; then his parents and grandparents eyes glistening when he shared his Love and appreciation for them. But the most moving was watching them when he and his parents connected even more because of their unending support for John and ALWAYS being there. He noticed their love for him through their support. WOW! He and His Dad connected in a way that belonged to Just the two of them - MOVING.

Me? Thankful. For what? For the Lord, who gave and continues to give me new sights to see how precious the life he has granted me with. For dieing on the cross for me Jesus, THANK YOU!!! Last night because John was Real, I am going to take the time to tell my folks the "WHYS'" of my heartfelt thanks in the ways they allowed me to grow through the best that they knew how to give and offer. I am thankful that through them life would challenge me to search out God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Thankful because of John, I also will share with the girls how special they are to me and why. Thankful for my spouse ("KENT, I LOVE YOU!") and with out him . . . where would I be challenged? Thankful for his humility even when others treat him unkindly and yet he doesn't retaliate or shoot off his mouth. Thankful with how he displays an example for me in my spiritual walk; because He fears and reveres the LORD before myself or any man. Thankful for a man who studies scripture fervently and is NEVER seeking attention of others like so many other people. Thankful because Kent is ALWAYS LISTENING, truly listening to others without any hint to "Show how much he knows" or "trying to be in the limelight seeking praises of 'men'" instead of the praise of the LORD. Thankful because Kent is quiet but genuinely caring for the 'untouchables or eggers' (extra GRACE required) personalities. Thankful because Kent you live by example, not trying to show people up, and knowing your are being held accountable to God for your life. Thankfulness for your patience and love while following your calling.

Lord Thank You for the brothers and sisters in Christ who live their lives with all their heart by shedding some light as an example for me. I am thankful for what you desire and for what is the best for the Kingdom. For I am STILL learning and growing.

So John B., as a young man, Thank You for YOUR presence and through another illustration in a speech last night that made me appreciate those whom I am thankful for.

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