Monday, November 23, 2009

Speechless . . .

Thank You Lover.
Last week you shared a piece of your gentle manner and your inner self through your personal illustration of forgiveness from the sermon. Last night through the act of doing and sharing "LOVE" in the Love Feast with dots of RED. ;-D
You are many things to me, the girls and others. Thank you for being

K nowledgeable & kind
E ncourager
N oble Character
T rustworthy

over the last 24 years together and many other attributes (that are not part of the acronym) that could be listed. You are one of the most godly men I know. Like shared with us once early in our lives, I would pick a man after God's own heart over all the knowledge in the world. So, Thank You for being a mentor in my life . . . for you have taught me MANY things. How to rise to the standard of God and bring others with us because they matter. How to LISTEN earnestly to other people because they are "WORTH listening to". How to be slow(er) to speak and live with less regrets. How to care for those that others pass by quite often. How to be patient (which is STILL being worked on). How to be a student and learner for the word of God. How to stand on the absolute TRUTH of scripture. How to LOVE our girls - as one. How to persevere when the going gets very rough. How to laugh at the simple things. How to be committed to ministry and our calling. How to work through all circumstances. To challenge my life by and to read through the Bible every year.

Kent you leave me speechless. For I am not able to clearly articulate my gratitude to you for being my friend, mentor, preacher, and Lover. I draw comfort in knowing you Love Him first. Remain a man after God's own heart - for that is what allows me to Love you like I do, leaving me;
speechless yet compelled to try to convey my appreciation.
Yours until returning Home.
M - - - -

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Perfect Escape said...

Oh, Ana! That was precious!