Saturday, November 28, 2009

Double Digits

Awe double digits once AGAIN!!! ;-)

Ten. . . . the day has finally arrived and truly anticipated greatly. Where did the time whiz by so incredibly fast? She was but a surprise when we discovered we were going to be blessed with her presence and now "10". :-)

The family was very excited to see her "way back then" anticipation eagerly awaited a then second grader, to hear the news if she had a little brother or sister and shouted with glee to "Mrs. Gray" when she whispered in her ear . . . Mya your family is excited to let you know the baby is HERE! She was SO excited she even passed up her favorite lunch in Valley Falls; Chili with homemade cinnamon rolls. She couldn't eat. Tia was eager also to see this new bundle from a kindergartner perspective. Faithy finally got to be a "BIG SISTER" and she just beamed. Now Emily shouts with jovial excited wales, "FINALLY - DOUBLE DIGITS. I'm TEN!!!" She is so energetic. She smiled to have her very dear friend over, Kaylee after spending some time with another dear one. She chose the homemade cake and simple frosting. Our dinner out made her giggle with glee especially since she stood on a chair while they all chanted and sang to her!

Ten years ago . . . it came to me in a wow moment; " I'm the age roughly mommy was when I was the big sister to my baby brother Gabriel. And Lawrence was just beginning life in his 'double digits' -Hahahaha." Now the time lapsed to the present and WOW! Our girls are so uniquely different and we had such a good family day! ;-)

I Love you BUNCHES! I wanna hold your little "feeners" and kiss you all over to hug you tightly and never let you go. Why? . . . Not many of those days left before our home changes once again, never to return to what it is; a live in family of seven unit living under the same roof. Emily, Thanks for your presence over the past ten years. Happy Birthday sweet one! We all Love YOU in your DOUBLE DIGITS and may 11-29 be a great memory for you to cherish.


PS remember, "when I grow up, I want to be just like YOU!" caring and giving deep from with in your every member of soul. squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, -1,2,3, - I LOVE YOU!!!

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