Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Year

The moment the rays of light tried to play peek a boo . . . the sweet feet of one of the girls jumped into bed to greet me with a warm hug and kiss . . .

Another year of life has come and slowly slipped by and it reminds this heart of how sweet people are in life! Breath. "This is the air I breathe, this is the air I breathe" . . . just take another.
Only but a midst but worth every vapor.

Three very vital people in my life that has totally rescued me and revived this heart of mine to beat with a different strength. Strength to desire deep from with in the recesses of my soul to be granted another day to "WIN, WIN"! What? Win, win? Yes win, win.

On a very frigged night Sunday evening March 18, 1984 this cardiovascular muscle was radically operated on and transplanted from a physician that had incredible hands. Rough, firm, steady and calloused from being an incredible hard labor yet to the touch; soft, gentle, feathery light with the suppleness of a brand new infant baby's unblemished skin. The water chilly to the dermis while encompassing the unusual sense of warmth. The goosebumps rose but not from the bit of frost but from the internal heat surmounting almost bubbling to an inferno speed ready to erupt with unfathomable praise & speech. Breathe in, breath out. The smell . . . different, unthinkable but etched forever deep in the crevices of the mind. Life was just beginning that dark, cold and exuberant night. Eager to go to Yvonne's live in location; an elderly house cared employment to say THANK YOU for my spiritual journey to come to a point of no return. REBIRTH! It was uncontainable, refreshing - ADVENTUROUS. Who knew?

Then and now, it would be reflected with a deep sigh, smile and slow released tear of PRAISE to express my wonderfully grateful hearts beat of another year. Another year to listen to laughter, another year to endure incredible pain, another year to birth the miracle of life as a surprise on Christmas Eve no less, another year to hold a hand, hug another, whisper a prayer, groan with anguish that ONLY the Holy Spirit could heal, cleanse and mend while interceding. Amazed that while in writhing laughter so hard that the muscles ached with the gut agony of pain through bellows of glee and the need for oxygen trying not to hyperventilate, loose all vocal abilities or bladder control. Another year to speak freely, trying desperately to manage to HOLD the tongue, be vivacious with spirit or simply curl up and sequester the soul in pure silence. ANOTHER YEAR - praise be to the LORD.

Yes Tia, I love you, your sisters and Daddy with all my heart and deep "from the bottom of my LIVER!" ;-D He granted me one more year, and another day to awake and smile freely through every look, touch, smell, taste and listen with an ear to hear.

Thank You dear Abba! I really don't deserve another nano second let alone another day but Thank You for ONE more YEAR that has made the many you've breathed life into me on that December first morning! My muscles ache for you as I eagerly step into the beginning of another year loving those whom you've granted me to be with to grow. I know you'll ALWAYS be here another year along side of me - hold my hand please while you keep transforming this heartbeat to your rhythm.


Stamp Your Art Out said...

Oh how good GOD is! What a journey...yes?


Ana-Lou said...

Oh Yes dear sweet friend of so many years! Thank you for sharing Jesus Christ with me "way back then" . . .

December in the early '80's a Christmas Caroling event that I met you and life . . . would begin to question "who Jesus Christ" really was! ;-D

sincerely blessed,